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“Perimeter Guardian provides me with an understanding of my school’s online presence, of which I previously had no visibility”

– College Principal, Regional Catholic College

“Perimeter Guardian enables us to educate our parents on how to better protect their children online”

– Public Relations Officer, Catholic College

“Perimeter Guardian assists our pastoral program to be proactive rather than reactive.”

– Director of Pastoral Care, Catholic College

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Social media growth has been exponential over recent years and schools are incredibly vulnerable to the consequences of students using and misusing social media. Not only does this vulnerability affect the student’s personal wellbeing; news and media outlets are also generating headlines that impact the reputation of schools.


With such growth taking place in the world of technology it is important that schools’ knowledge of these technologies and the associated risks develops as necessary. With every new “app” comes an additional set of risks as developments in online networking make it easier for students to connect with more people in more places. The traditional boundaries and safety nets that previously protected our students have diminished, if not disappeared. Schools are expected to extend their coverage of protection from within the traditional boundaries of the schoolyard to the online world.


Perimeter Guardian is a technology based reputation management company, providing a range of innovative technology solutions specifically designed to protect the welfare of private schools, their staff and students. We work to understand the needs of school communities and to address the risks and issues posed by emerging technologies, particularly social media. We provide a service specifically designed to complement pastoral care frameworks, adding value and protection to principals, teachers, staff, parents and students.

These resources include early intervention and prevention tools, online and traditional media monitoring, advisory material for parents, and where required, crisis management for your school. Perimeter Guardian utilises the latest cutting edge technology to minimise reputational loss through the provision of safety and security to school communities.

Our blog “Insights” provides relevant information for parents and school communities around trending apps and emerging technologies.