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Instagram has recently introduced some new features around controlling the types of comments that appear on your posts, and is a way for you to make your online profile safer from people who might not have anything positive to say. These settings can also contribute to your profile being a cleaner environment if you are worried about explicit language and any exposure to that online.

Here’s how to set up ‘Comment Controls’ (restrictions)

  1. Click on your profile in the bottom right of the screen
  2. Tap on the three lines in the top right of the screen
  3. When the sidebar pops out, find ‘settings’ on the bottom right of the screen
  4. Scroll down the screen and locate the ‘Privacy and Security’ subsection
  5. Tap on ‘Comment Controls’

Block Comments From

Now that we are in the ‘Comment Control’ section of the settings, you have the ability to block comments from nominated individuals, without them knowing that you have blocked them.  This is an important feature, because bullies can sometimes respond to being blocked by increasing their taunts. If they are unaware they have been blocked, and don’t know their actions aren’t having the desired effect, they lose the ability to follow up.


There are also options to hide offensive comments with two separate filters.

  1. The first filter ‘Hide Offensive Comments’ is simply an automatic filter that Instagram has created, and the default setting is “on.”
  2. The second is a manual filter, which gives you the option to create a list of words you would like to be omitted from their comments section.

To set up a manual filter;

  1. Tap on the greyed out ‘Manual filter’ slider
  2. Tap on the greyed ‘words separate by commas…’ and begin to type words you want to avoid. Separate each new word with a comma.


Note that this is not a filter for the content that you or your kids will see in terms of photos and videos or other user’s posts, but a way for you to control the comments that appear underneath your posts.

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