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While YouTube can be a great environment for education, entertainment and fun, there are precautions that you should take as a parent to help make sure your child is safe when they are browsing.

Here are three quick tips that you should be across if you want to make YouTube a safer place for your children.


Control your YouTube settings in the app

  1. Go to your profile in the YouTube app and tap on it

2. Tap “Settings”

3. Tap “General”

4. Tap “Restricted Mode”

Use YouTube Kids

YouTube has developed an app aimed at delivering safe content to young people called “YouTube Kids”. This app shows specially curated content which is pulled from the main YouTube service and filtered through an algorithm. Naturally, there is still no way to guarantee that everything is going to be 100% safe.

Upgrade to YouTube Premium

Upgrading to YouTube premium allows you to avoid ads and stop your child from viewing unwanted ads and material that might be aimed at a more mature audience (if your child is using your device which is signed in to your adult account).

Things to be aware of

Using YouTube outside of the app

Note that if you view content outside of the app itself, i.e. use an internet browser such as Safari or Google Chrome, your restrictions won’t automatically travel across and you may open up a chance to viewing content you have actively been trying to avoid.

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