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In recent years, there has been unprecedented scrutiny on schools and other institutions to which our children are entrusted. Parents are demanding not only compliance with the law, but the best practice in the safeguarding of our children. There is a recognition and expectation that a school’s duty of care extends beyond the playground and into cyberspace.

With so many changes taking place in the world of technology it is important that as our demand and dependency on emerging technology grows, so too must our knowledge of these technologies and the associated risks. The traditional boundaries and safety nets that previously protected our students have diminished, if not disappeared. Schools are now expected to extend their coverage of protection from within the traditional boundaries of the schoolyard to the online world.


Perimeter Guardian informs, empowers and protects school communities from the risks arising from new and emerging technologies.


We provide daily information to school leaders on the latest news relevant to the education sector. We also provide leaders with information on their school’s online profile by constantly monitoring social networks, blogs, forums and other inline sources to identify items of risk and opportunity for each school.


We empower parents and school communities to support and protect children and families from technological risks by providing information on technology issues that concern parents.


We protect students by providing early intervention and prevention tools that complement a school’s pastoral care team. The SafeGuard online reporting tool enables young people to report issues such as cyber bullying, self-harm or other dangerous behaviour they see their peers demonstrating. This assists schools to be able to better support the young people in their care.

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